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2020-07-25 | Subject | Consume Outside 23

It is almost not worth the stress on my fingers to write this, as I have written this all before; however, it has been edging up closer to me lately, and formed a ring of anger that I need to transform into white light and intent. I imagine how thousands of years ago, some great thinkers understood that at the base of knowledge was a tree, an ontology. Perhaps they understood the allure and the danger, the danger that we would consume ourselves as we weilded this knowledge. Perhaps they understood that we would be cast out of Eden with this knowledge.

And here comes the rogue in ragged robe, the freak in the desert, who says, "Let It Be", an attempt at popping the balloon and the payment. And here comes Bob Dylan: at last I am not bound outside of 23, my lyrics are the endless freedom cut-ups. And as they gather and replicate in the freedom inside 23, "What hath God wrought", the fractal explores itself out in culture and global supply chain consumption until the end, ignoring the directive to drop out, favoring any tree of focus that led to money. But dropping out is more like spitting out the grass clump placed by bullies.

And I can see the chimp notches adding fuel to the fire between teams. "Where the hell's my money!" screams Mojo Nixon, and the psychedelic is looped in. Let's start again? Plot out the this and that relation, and build out against the team that took our money. The idea of where we are, or what is better, or where do we want to be, these ideas are too complicated. I want street justice now screams the mob, as we spiral down and the fractal unwinds in complexity, and we all meet again, perhaps, learning the flowers.

Stained glass window in father's house, Season 2, Dark Angel

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