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2020-06-15 | Subject | Rogue Spread

I had an insight eight months ago, that civilization was about control, and that the stance of standing in the way of control could help during collapse, by avoiding the pitfalls of control, yet protect the remaining void. I acknowledged that this flip in interpretation ran counter to civilization in general, yet it was based in old religious ideas. [I don't think these ideas are unique to Christianity, even though it is based on the Sermon on the Plain].

A couple months ago, I had a similar thing happen with my realization that our approach to fighting c~19, and the virus itself, facilitated the simplification of global supply chains. It is the global supply chains, the deep, complex web of commercial activity that ensnares our planet in a way that we can't escape from, but yet we did it. Again, this is counter-intuitive. It breaks out of the "business as usual" vs. "save your nana" dichotomy.

I was laying in bed drinking coffee, thinking about the how we have generally abandoned knowledge and science in favor of tribal modes of understanding the world and delineating lines of battle. I don't know that many people who will even follow more than a couple links. I don't know anybody that has written about the world, or a hobby more complicated than mere consumption, outside of Facebook. More specifically, building actual knowledge through written words outside of immediate, present job, is not something I see much of. I know efforts like this exist. I just don't know anybody personally. I can see one of my friends tries to write richer blog articles, but it is more along the lines of personal experience.

On the other hand, almost everybody I know is either silent, or falls into one side or another on issues with algorithmic precision. There is little nuance in dialog. Those that attempt nuance are categorized in a tribal way. This has caused me a good deal of alienation. Mostly, I think, people are more likely to behave tribally on Facebook. The idea of showing improvement in police brutality via statistics or the tools of STEM is not interesting. People are reverting to tribal. They have no room for knowledge, at least not the way we have build knowledge with the written word, the basis of civilization.

And, yet again, I realized that this may be how this has to go down. If I think about 7 billion people on the earth, and the machinery of civilization, a web of control based on knowledge, perhaps we are wired tribal for survival as a positive. I can't have it both ways. The alternative with this many people would be a world-wide authoritarian structure. That is the only way I can see this working. However, this could easily become evil if all was not equal. I don't want the one percent surveying the composter crews from helicopters. As I was thinking about this, I could see a spread of rogue, tribal effort spreading like the game of life around the world.

This route likely has a bell curve of battle, and we are barely inching up the left side of the ramp. While I personally think the approach of preserving the tools of knowledge and creating a space void of control within ourselves individually is the prudent way through this, I can also see that the stresses on the global supply chain necessitate tribal, and, further, the interests of those benefiting from the global supply chain will likely form a significant barrier to the naive folks with supply-chain-powered iPhones using social media as tribal gasoline. Just because I can see the value in necessary change, doesn't mean I approve of the methods. There is always a third view, and even a hundredth view, and if we were able to break out of this and think about where we are, where we want to be, and how to get there, much is possible; however, we have not been able to do that, so it is really too late for that. I don't have to go along, though.

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