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2020-07-03 | Subject | Tech Won't Save Us

I am a technologist. Tech won't save us (TWSU). It is an odd combination. The more I look through TWSU glasses, the more I see how we are in a combination of ponzi and shell game, and are manipulated towards compliance with various interests. For roughly half of my life I was completely puzzled by the life of the Amish. I get it now. Tech won't save us.

Here is a third bit. Tech could save us, if human nature was different. This drives great men crazy. I mean men. It seems to me that women act differently when faced with this no-win situation. Perhaps it is the character of men? Perhaps men are wired for a tools focus? Got a problem? Make a tool. I know how knowledge is part of this, though; there is something more going on, here. I watched Mel Gibson's Apocalpyto a couple weeks ago. It seems to me that I could weave that movie into this.

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