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2020-07-27 | Journal | Sumerian Genetics

A couple days ago I ended up on a bit of a tree of life/snake bit going back to Mesopotamia. Today I was watching Dark Angel, and I saw the two snakes as part of a ceremony:

There was also some writing that looked kind of like cuniform.

The blood of the two snakes was pressed into the arms of the kids that were raised by this ancient cult that went back thousands of years. It was like a brand:

On the wall was this tapestry:

It looks like the Snake Goddess, Knossos:

The Snake Goddess, Knossos, 1650-1550 BC, AMH, 145152

The cult had symbols on their foreheads:

More on the origins here

The combination of ideas with DNA and the double helix, reminded me that the tree of life could well be DNA. At the same time, as Bill Joy warned, GNR could well banish us from Eden, and at the same time that is knowledge. All of the ideas converge.

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