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2020-08-01 | Journal | A Tale of Dishwashers: A Decade of Musty Water

Two days ago, Sean pointed out that the dishwasher wasn't working. I pushed the cancel button, and I could hear the motor trying to drain the water and then stop. There was something familiar about the way it sounded, but I couldn't place it. This was dishwasher #2. Dishwasher #1 was only a couple years old when Yvette and I bought the house in 2007. I continued to fiddle with #2's buttons: start, cancel, bzzzt, click, start, cancel, bzzzzz, click. I started to get a form of muscle memory and flashback of something horrible, a crushing anxiety draped over me, making me want to hunch over and protect myself. It was late. I gave up on fixing it for the night. Sean and I went to bed, leaving a brownish-orange colored water in the bottom that smelled like dirty dishes soup.

Sean didn't sleep well that night, as the dishwasher heater kept activating. She opened the door so it wouldn't keep cycling. The next morning, I got up to make coffee for myself and Sean. I usually make instant coffee for us, but Bobo was up, and wanted to make coffee in the french press. I helped him find it. It was under a pile of dishes in the sink. It is fragile, and one breaks every six months or so. I have a back-stock of replacements in the closet. I couldn't find clean cups to make coffee in. I tried to find the stopper for the garbage disposal so I could fill the sink and wash dishes, but I couldn't find it. I clogged the sink with a bag and washed some cups, but the dishes were piling up fast, as Bobo brought in his nightly stash from his room. The household needs clean dishes and coffee, certainly. The household was broken. It was unraveling.

I tried to drain the dishwasher again, hoping that the restful orange soup had loosed up something. I could hear the motor struggling and then stopping. It acted like the washer pump was broken as well, because the start cycle didn't work. I realized it was probably just because the dishwasher was full of water already. This all seemed so familiar, but I couldn't remember exactly when I had been through this before. Had I fixed this for #2 or #1?

I concluded that there was something wrong with the drain pump. I started to disassemble the dishwasher, but the counter was covered with dishes and grime. I couldn't find the usual spray bottle that I use to clean with. It has this human-safe soap that works well and smells like lavender. It sounds a bit silly, but I really like it, and it is much better than regular soap and water because it wipes up without leaving much soap behind. The feeling of things getting out of control continued to build. To make matters worse, I shared my grumpiness with Sean, complaining that I couldn't find anything and the french press was under a pile of dishes, and I blamed her for it. That did not go over well. The day was going downhill quickly.

Dishwasher #2 doesn't have an accessible filter. It has never really cleaned the dishes well, at least in recent memory. The dishes almost always have a musty smell. I have developed some voodoo procedures over the years to compensate. The best combination of buttons included "power wash", "heated dry", and "auto sense". I marked the correct button combination on #2 in black sharpie, so that it was easy to remember the correct settings. No tall cups could go on the top shelf; even 14 oz glasses were off limits. With these rules, the dishes came out OK, but not great. For as long as I can remember, I have smelled something off on the dishes. I figured it was because the dishes sat in the dishwasher for awhile with the door closed.

Because there is no accessible filter, every six months or so I have had to take #2 apart to clean the large bits of bone, glass, and plastic that clog up the water grate. It is a long process, as I have to remove both racks, the upper and lower spray arms, the power wash back-plate, the connection tubing, and disassemble the filter assembly. It takes about an hour, and each time I think that I can only do this so many times before the plastic holes start to strip out from repeatedly securing the water tubes to the back of the washer.

Considering the general inability of #2 to fulfill its primary purpose well, and the added problem of no easily removable filter, I decided to purchase a new dishwasher. It was surprisingly difficult to find any place that had them in stock. I found one place, a hardware store, and they had one in stock, so I ordered it online. Six hours later, I still had not heard back. I figured it would be easy. How long can it take to pull the stock from the back and put a receipt on it? I found out later that the same place said it could take 3-7 days. I tried to call multiple times, but no answer. I decided to cancel the order, figuring I would take another run at fixing it, because the best I could find was a shipped dishwasher that wouldn't arrive until next week.

After work, I pulled the dishwasher from the cabinet. I'm not particularly proud about the execution, here, but this is how things unfolded. I tried to hold the drain hose up, and attempted to drain properly, but during this, I got all excited about seeing if the drain pump was working when it was exposed, and so I tilted #2 on its side to look. Water rushed out. I mopped up spilled musty water from the floor of the kitchen with bath towels from the laundry, forgetting that I often pull bath towels from the laundry to clean the bathroom. I had ten or so sopping wet bath towels, and even at that, I didn't get all of the water mopped up. I had to use some paper towels. A mop is too slow to mop up water when it is flowing out onto the hardwood floors.

I dragged #2 out onto the patio, where I hosed out the internal passageways and grates. I filled up the bottom with water, and it seemed like the pump worked. It spit out water. I poked a piece of cardboard into the bottom of the pump, and the impeller slapped against it, brrrrrrrr. I was excited, figuring it worked. This seemed familiar too. I had done this at another time, taken the dishwasher apart to look at the pump. I still couldn't remember if it was #2 or #1, though.

I dragged #2 back into the house and hooked it up, bragging to Sean that I think I had it fixed, but I still needed to test it. I hooked up the water, power, and drain hose, and while it did sound better, it still wouldn't drain properly. I picked up the drain hose and tried to blow through it to see if it was clogged, and I was able to blow some air through, so I figured the drain hose was fine. Sean came into the kitchen and told me that I should just face the fact that the dishwasher was dead, and it wasn't coming back. I reluctantly agreed, disconnected it, created another minor flood from my test water, and put the dishwasher on the back patio. I was covered in sweat and organic sludge from crawling around under the sink, disconnecting and reconnecting hoses, and sloshing musty brown-orange water around. Sean helped mop while I put away my tools and parts that were spread around the floor and counter.

I pulled out some paper plates, cups, and plastic forks. We were in it for the long haul. The kitchen, now, had mounds of dishes. One mound had a rack of dishes from the dishwasher on top of it, the failed load from the orange water. The dining room table had the other rack, also full of dishes. Sean and I went to sleep. I woke up early yesterday morning, and hunted around for a dishwasher online. I didn't really want to wait for another week. I wanted to pick one up. When did not having a dishwasher become such a big deal? In the past, I often didn't have a dishwasher, and would wash the dishes by hand; however, the flow of dishes seems difficult to deal with now. It seems like a required first world accessory. I could get all mud-hut later. For now, I needed to find a working dishwasher. I ended up finding one, the last dishwasher at Fry's, and ordered it online. Fry's said they would send me confirmation I could pick it up within an hour after they opened.

Later that morning I got an email from my bank, asking if I could confirm a transaction for Fry's. I noticed that they said that the transaction was denied. I confirmed that it was valid, but since it said it was denied, I called Fry's. I waited on hold, got transferred, but eventually I got a hold of the person who had tried to process the transaction. Sure enough, my bank had outright denied it. I told him that I had confirmed the transaction, so it should be good now. He was doubtful, but he ran it through again. He was noticeably happy on the phone, surprised that it worked. I got another email from my bank asking me to confirm the transaction again, but this time they said they approved it, but would lock my card if I didn't confirm the transaction. I let my work know that I would be taking a long lunch, and drove to Fry's mid-day.

Because of c~19, they can only allow 25% capacity, so the store had almost nobody there, because people didn't want to stand outside to wait. I only saw four customers in the entire store, and they were a group of four men purchasing something. I stood near the entrance at the pick-up counter, holding my paper like a big ticket. Eventually one of the clerks in the check-out line came over partway, asked me if I was there to pick up, and said I needed to come over to the main check-out. Fry's is quite big, and these distances are significant. It is probably a good 100 feet from the entrance to where the open registers were. When the store is full, it all seems reasonable, but it is quite weird when the store is empty.

I finished up the transaction, and the clerk asked me if I wanted help out. For the first time in my life, I said yes. Usually I just grab a cart and hoist it into the truck, but this time I was a bit wiser about it, partly because Sean is encouraging me to stop my solo ways on these things, and partly because I can feel the stress on my body more these days. I held #3 down with a strap:

It turns out that the sound-proofing on the back isn't held down well, just by some kitchen string wrapped around some small metal studs. I watched it flap more and more in my rear-view mirror on the way home. I also should have done a better job of holding it down, because a mile from my house it started sliding around. I got it home safe, though. Bobo helped me up the steps to the house and into the kitchen, also a first. He is strong, now, and able to help.

I started hooking up #3, and realized that the drain hose was long enough to reach the side of the garbage disposal without an extension. I pulled the end of the old hose off, and looked down and saw it was clogged with all kinds of sludge and this white gristly bulge at the end. Apparently my test by blowing into the other end of the hose was not valid. I hooked up #3 and started a load of dishes. All was starting to come into place.

I looked at #2 on the patio, and it started to make sense. I think I had fixed #2 once by taking it apart and attaching it, but instead of really fixing it, the operation just loosed up enough of the sludge to get things moving again. At the same time, though, I had a vague memory of #1 having a similar problem. Had I purchased #2 in error? Then, I looked at the back of #2:

Oh! That date. I must have replaced #1 in 2010. All of the feelings made sense, now, the feeling of everything crushing me as my world unraveled. 2010 was not a good year at all. Not quite as bad as 2009, but not a good year. I figure that #2 is actually working, it was just a clogged. It might also be that #1 worked as well. On the off chance that #3 kicks the bucket early, I figured I'd wrap #2 in plastic and stick it in back of the workshop, next to the fence. Orange tape seems appropriate:

Today I ran 4 loads of dishes. The kitchen is almost back to normal as I write this. I still have to cut out the side of the wall to properly mount the dishwasher so it doesn't tilt, and level it, but that should be relatively easy.


2020-08-01 :

I sat down to write the tale, and realized that the images for my journal were often over 5 megs in size. It used to be that the pictures on your camera were reasonable for web, as they were low-resolution. Nowadays, though, the size is relatively big. I went off on a bit of a tangent as I figured out how to resize all of the existing images on MHC. One challenge is that I don't want to shrink images that are already small. The results are here. I also did a search for when, exactly, I bought dishwasher #2. All-in-all, it took me two hours after I first sat down to write, before I started writing the actual tale.

2020-08-01 :

It is enjoyable to write a real entry today. I suppose that all entries are real, but journal entries are a bit rarer, particularly the longer ones. Usuallly subject entries fall into urgent ramblings about collapse of industrial civilization and the horrors, and have most of my focus. Sure, there are exceptions, but mostly socio-political-ecological stuff has overwhelmed my journal since 2012. Usually I'll post the rant on social media and then pull it over into my journal. I think a large part of this is the mistaken idea that I can make people understand with enough words, enough writing, so I continue on with the subject entries. There is a problem of audience with that. Who am I writing for?

On the tech side, at my job, most people don't get what I'm saying. There are roughly five people that understand the idea of knowledge domains and data flow in an org, that I know personally. There are zero people that are interested enough to follow along and run some Python to generate the models. More and more, as time goes on, I'm getting better at letting this go. There are some wins. My current boss is a fan of the CB ideas, so he is starting to evangelize a bit around architecture, generally. He doesn't completely understand the domain or AI stuff, but he likes the combination of visualization and documentation. It is getting to be a wider and wider divide as I bring in religion. I have an odd mix.

Even with current events, I have troubles. The prevailing approach to political discussion is somewhat binary: "Don't you know? There are clear ways to look at current events!!!" Whenever I try and engage on one of these conversations, I quickly become alienated and alienating. Backing most of my beliefs around the current issues, is an overall analysis and understanding of the global supply chain and how it relates to population and ecological destruction. While I can see some of my ideas intersecting the beliefs of some people I know, similar to my work ideas, there are few people that fully follow the flow of thought, likely because it ends up being fairly futile. Even those I have been supposedly having intellectual discussions with about the issues, when I get a bit deeper with them, I realize that my main core ideas are something they have not really understood fully. All are just correlations with keywords of agreements, a form of confirmation bias.

I do share pretty much everything on the web. That is a change for me in the last couple years. I used to segment most of my personal stuff, and it rarely stayed posted for longer than a few months without a password. The web provides an outlet for my ideas. David S is probably closest, actually... so not entirely alone there, I guess, but he is a bit remote right now, not sure why. Sean is one of the most flexible and broadest thinkers I know. She has followed along, challenged, and made me think, but it is a bit different with her, because we are lovers, so we share everything. I do cherish her mind, certainly. And I have back and forth conversations via email with some people as well, that I value. Overall, though, I feel fairly isolated as far as the application and growth of the ideas. It is getting to be a wider and wider divide as I bring in religion. I have an odd mix.

The thing that is the most difficult is attempting to share what is beautiful to me. As I was writing this morning, looking at all of the particular bits of design that went in to my current journal software, I realized that as fabulous, as perfect as the current UI is to me, it is unlikely that I will ever know anybody that will run this particular bit of 400 lines of Python to create an entry in a journal. I find it so odd to have spent thousands upon thousands of hours on refining my journal software, yet not knowing anybody that runs it. This is consistent with almost everything I do now. To be fair, I wouldn't wish the current version of software on anybody except for a GNU/Linux geek. I'm replicating the entries two-way with Unison, so I can write anywhere at anytime. It is all open source. Perhaps somebody sometime will use some of it. It is mine. I love the way it looks: :

All of this has caused a bit of my back and forth with social media, as I realize again and again, that real engagement on any of my ideas is rare. Few people really looked at my social media profile while I was on there. I get frustrated, and swear off social media altogether. Social media is really about attention, not knowledge. I am supposed to post something personal that adds to attention, part of the stream. This isn't so much about a face page anymore, a place with details and status on a person. Sure, that is one application, but for most people, it is just a stream, a feed vying for attention. In the very beginning, as I understand, a face book wall was something that showed when other people tagged you in events or they wrote on your wall directly. Now it has become a way to lobby for an identity.

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