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2020-11-19 | Journal | New Potato Caboose

I have my very own personalized version of the Bardo Thodol going on. This is nothing new; it has been happening for decades, but those breadcrumbs sure do look familiar. I've been through these woods before, and that witch is going to eat us all over again. I have to remember... see the Eye of Providence in a dream-trance in the bath, go past and to the left, listen to the Grateful Dead Anthem of the Sun album, and then I forget, but I end up in the forest lost again, for sure. I'm not good at this. That's OK. None of us are, but Anthem of the Sun sure sounds good. It isn't like I give up. I have the highest hopes that I'll break out, remember the bread crumb trail correctly. Here goes. My thought is New Potato Caboose is a womb door. How to remember?

"Your love becomes a toothless crone". Pretty much in line with my Hansel and Gretel reference, eh? It seems I have been here before.

When I was living in the cabin I had a kazoo hanging on the wall for Alligator. When I had guests (usually just one guest could fit in the cabin, but I seem to remember Sunn and K visited one time, but it is unlikely that I played Anthem of the Sun for them).... when I had guests I played the kazoo when it came on. I also had a pot and wooden spoon to play along when the rhythm devils got into it. There were three meals I made for guests: tacos (homemade tortillas and pintos), pepperoni pizza (there was a deli on the way on Steamboat Island road that had mozzarella and pepperoni ), and broiled cheese and potatoes.

I. am so tired of I.

I did not know there was a PKD connection until today.

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