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2021-01-05 | Journal | Stubborn Glue

I have been wrapping up many efforts. I have ITD mostly complete, but, more importantly, it follows the law. I had some stuff bass ackwards with my original attempt late last fall. My coat and pants are still covered in glue from my isolated hobby interests. The ideas are good. I can see them work all of the way through, from initial analysis to the model. I can't do much with the ideas, though, not at this point.

Where I'm working at, now, they are so far away from the need for analysis that the idea of using the ideas there is silly. And, my last work, that truly did need something like this, laid me off because they said they had no use (ummm... they were wrong in that). But more so, the ideas allow regular businesses to exceed at systems analysis, at least the mapping parts.

The memory of the glue, though, and building the plane, even refusing to fly the plane with my Dad, I think this is related. It is kind of like looking through the library for books on electronic schematics of any kind and following along with random parts I scrounged up from the junk TVs in back of the cement factory. Sure, Sunn and Matt were also interested in electronics - it was Matt that showed me where all of the old TVs were - but the time above the carport it was just me, trying to do something on my own, something I was interested in.

I have been getting slightly depressed over the lack of interest; however, I think the memory of the plane, and the joy at just flying what I had created comes at a good point. I have quite a plane I've created. Sure, my pants have gobs of glue and such, and I've somewhat alienated people with my focus and fervor, but, well, I really should fly the plane a bit, enjoy it.

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