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2020-10-30 | Journal | Wings Gap

I have a Wings gap in my life. I've listened to Wings ever since a trip to my dad's friend's house in CA in December 1980. My dad's friend had a house guest that left all of his albums behind, and he gave them to me. Wings was one of them, the best. Actually... not quite true. The very first... well... besides the fact that it was on the radio all of the time... was when I recorded With a Little Luck on the reel-to-reel I got from Sunn. I loved that song. I'd play it often through an external speaker I hooked up to the Wollensak.

I remember putting Junior's Farm on mix tapes generally... might be Loverboy Working for the Weekend, Bruce Springsteen... who knows, but Junior's Farm was always in there somewhere. This went through to his album that had the Ebony and Ivory album... forget what that was, but I had it.

I'm not sure what happened, but when I moved from home I left Wings behind. A few years ago I realized this, and bought a set of Wings songs. Wings doesn't really seem like an album rock kind of band to me. Besides, all I had back in the day, besides the album with Ebony and Ivory on it was a greatest hits album. Actually, much of my music was greatest hits. They sounded best to me... besides Pink Floyd, Moody Blues and Joni... they always got the full album... and Beatles, actually. Also, greatest hits was what you got from the record clubs for free, which I joined again and again, getting free greatest hits and Foreigner albums.

So here I am. I have Wings on the headphones. I'm on my third day listening to this big collection, Wingspan is the name, essentially a greatest hits, but more so, 40 songs total. I enjoy the music. My-o-my, he sure was a loving, stoned man, and in love. Steadfastly optimistic. I like to listen when I get too crankish. McCartney will bring me out of it.


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