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2020-06-07 | Journal | First Week & Jalapeños

The work week started with peeing in a bottle, and ended with me providing the requirements for storage and compute that I gathered with Vym mind mapping software and automatically generated with Cruft Buster. This method is so much easier than what I've had to do in the past. On the one hand, I still struggle with the lack of interest or understanding of these ideas. On the other hand, well, somebody is paying me to do it... at least for three months.

I get angry about the lack of interest and understanding sometimes. I know many people where this would help them in their jobs, but they can't break out of their current way of doing things. I am aware that it is quite likely the anger comes from my own insecurity. It is anger that it is my own problem because I can't communicate well - mirror-like wisdom - but, that doesn't seem to help much. Sean tells me to let it go, but it is difficult.

I have a mish-mash of reactions to the general insanity of how we are reacting to crises culturally, and the inability of most people to learn something new., and I can't seem to navigate it well. I am slowly figuring out how to move on from this, but it is difficult. I need to be a mountain climber. Sean is right. I need to let it go, and turn that anger from shiny metallic purple armor to white light of future effort as I fix chinks in the web. I need to surf alone. Above all, though, I have enough metaphors.

Sean and I voyaged to Rainbow Cafe in Auburn yesterday, which opened for the first time in months. We talked to the owner a bit. He graduated from Auburn High years before Sean. He talked about how they had to toss all of their beer and other perishables, and when they opened back up they had only a day's notice. Usually I get a pint of Space Dust there, which they have on tap, but not this time. The staff shuffled around in the back room a bit and came out with an Elysian Men's Room, which was dated as best by June, 2019, and it did taste a little off, but it was good enough to order another. The waiter convinced me to try his favorite version of a Reuben which included mushrooms and jalapeños. I enjoyed it, but it pushed it into another type of sandwich.


2020-06-07 :

I found the manifesto I talked about in this entry and posted it. I feel that I'm in a similar state of mind. I forgot I had posted a picture of me playing chess with my Grandpa.

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