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2020-06-09 | Journal | Ride Bump

Years ago, Bobo used to ride an elliptical bike I got him so he could get exercise during the summer. I had him wear a heart/step monitor to prove he had done his daily workout. Eventually, he and I agreed he could walk to Sky Park instead, and he has avoided it ever since. I got another smaller recumbent exercise bike when I hurt my knee, and sometimes Bobo uses that, but I moved the elliptical out to the cottage.

The elliptical broke at one point. It had a control panel that varied the amount of anti-magnetic field to a magnetic field, is the best way I can describe it. There is a metal disk that spins, and normally magnets resist. When the elliptical is on max, there is no current through the field, and the wheel spins with more resistance. I just ripped out all of the control wires, and it works fine:

This last week I heard and felt a clunk, clunk, clunk sound with every rotation. After work these days, my brain is fried. I can't even write. I feel like just laying down and staring off into space. But, I've also realized that I can do chores just fine, work on things, fix things, if they have to do with just my body and not typing or much thought. Last night I decided to fix the elliptical. I took of the cover and tightened all the fasteners I could find. I noticed the really big bolt, but mistakenly figured it would be fine. After twenty minutes of testing and trying to locate the bumping, I found that it was the big bolt right on the axle that was loose. Now it rides quite smoothly.


2020-06-09 :

It turns out that the bolt was actually broken. Within fifteen minutes it was making the bump sound again. I forced a bolt with a finer thread through, and it appears to be holding with a nut on the other end.


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