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2020-06-10 | Journal | Suns Have Gone

"The government killed him; he was not lard, so he must be a hero." is a sentence I had in my head as I woke from my dreams this morning. I watched the first part of this vid as I drank my coffee. In a flash it came to me how horrible this all might be, and I felt sick to my stomach. Later on, I was listening to music while I was working, finishing up the final bit of a solution description document that I exported from mind-mapping software using this script. I put on some Jean-Michel Jarre. When this song came on, I started crying, tears down my face and all. I don't cry that much, maybe twenty times total as an adult. I do love everything there was here. It seems to me that people are leaving, now, as well. They have lost any touch with a world that I knew was here, and it feels more and more lonely in that way, a bleak and lonely place. I've cried during this video as well, for similar reasons.

Again, after work, I was very tired. I sat in the sun, drank a beer, and was at peace. Later, while I ate dinner, I tried to watch a Jordan Peterson video about meaning. I got about 20 minutes in, and I suspect I would get something out of it that was related, if I had more J.P. fortitude. He speaks well. He is interesting. I just got tired, and had to move my body. I cleaned up a bit, and put some tools away from my adventures yesterday. Now, it is time for bed.


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