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2020-06-20 | Journal | S1 EP7

There are quite a few appropriate correlations between the old television series Dark Angel and the interesting times we live in now. I watched Prodigy, Season 1: Episode 7 yesterday. There is a terrorist group who calls themselves May 22nd, taken from the birthday of Ted Kaczynski. It seems to me that his observations about current identity politics is prophetic. Indeed, his core ideas about industrial civilization are astute. My own Dark Angel reference, was simply a meme accident, if there can be such a thing, but the ideas are wrapping.

I forgot that there was an MKUltra connection with Kaczynski via Murray, so this means there is a Kesey connection as well. 2000 was a rich year in this regard. Bill Joy wrote Why the future doesn't need us, and Kesey died the following year. I looked up what interviews Kesey did in 2000, and I found this. The movie Fight Club was released in October of 1999. How does information travel?


2020-06-27 :

It turns out that Dark Angel is supposed to be set in 2020:

2020-07-21 :

More evidence of 2020. Season 2:

2020-07-23 :

And even more today, including a CDC van and computer analysis of a virus:

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