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1978-05-25 | Memory | Glue and Husky Plus

When I was in eight grade I had an area above the carport where I would work on my flying wing. It was an old fashioned control-line airplane with a Cox .049 Babe Bee engine. A couple years earlier my dad had helped me build a plane with a larger engine, but he was too bossy and did everything. I grew to hate working on it with him and crashed it on purpose when we flew it, I found it so unpleasant to fly it with him. I did learn about doping the nylon for the wings and how it generally went together.

I liked to spend time above the carport. I'd read books sometimes, too. I remember I had checked out cowboy tall tales, and I would read them while the plane was drying. I would get glue on my pants, various earth-tone Husky Plus jeans from Sears. I'd wear them to school and the kids would point it out sometimes, but I didn't really care that much. I believe I was classified as "a scrounge". In the summer I remember flying the wing when my great Aunt and Uncle were visiting. It flew decent, at least a few good sessions. I don't remember what happened to it, if I crashed it or what, but my only memory flying it was when my great Aunt and Uncle were watching. The were all the way across the field, on the other side of Mom's giant garden eating lunch on the back porch. I was alone in the field just flying my flying wing.

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