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2014-09-05 | Memory | Body Lift

Yvette fell out of bed for the first time in early September. I couldn't lift her. She seemed OK. She was breathing fine, but I couldn't wake her to get her into the bed. I am unclear exactly when this was, if it was before or after she went to the hospital for the two weeks. I suspect that it was just before. I called Shana, and she said she would come over right away. Ernie had also been staying with us and helping out with Yvette, but I think he had left for the week to go to work.

Shana showed up, but we still couldn't lift Yvette, even with the both of us. I had purchased a hydrolic lift table that I used to install the dryer on top of the stack in the bathroom, and we were able to hoist Yvette onto the bed with it. We both thought it was kind of funny and weird to use it to lift a human, but Shana has a practicality and sense of humor that made not very awkward. We got Yvette back into bed and comfortable and Shana left.


2020-09-05 :

Sean convinced Bobo (and paid him a significant amount of money) to go through all of his old books and other stuff that was overflowing in his room. It was all collecting dust, and Bobo doesn't use any of it, but he did want to keeep it for his kids, so Sean had him box it all up and put it on the back porch.

The original plan was to put all of the stuff up in the attic, along with all of the other items for Bobo I have stored, but the books are heavy, and so I figured the front part of Yellow the Hut (YTH), the part that usually goes over the cab that is forming the roof of the under-carport shed, would be a great place to dedicate to Bobo's books and Magic cards. U-haul called that space "Mom's Attic", now that I think about it. Wow.

I recently got Betty back from Sean's son, as he and his dad decided they would rather travel the world in a sailboat. I had pulled out the emergency travel cases that had stoves and accessories for a long road trip, and had stored them in YTH, so they blocked the way to Mom's attic. There was another set of cases I used to store in the attic that had the Aladdin lamp before I converted it to electric. (I am going to put it back in the case today There was also a collection of camping supplies from our trip in Betty in 2012 that were stored in the big blue bins that I wanted to put Bobo's books in. Finally, there were two bins full of Yvette's painting supplies that she had been using to paint the interior of the house, including glow-in-the-dark paint she used on Bobo's ceiling. Before I could store the books, I had to remove all of this stuff, wrapped in memories.

After I had cleared the path to Mom's attic and reclaimed the big blue containers for storing the books, I unpacked the cardboard boxes. In one of them I found a set of picture albums Yvette had made for Bobo every year from his birth onward. I think one was missing, 2012?, but I put them up in the real attic along with his other items, also in big blue containers. I think I purchased the containers for moving, from Lowes back in 2007... not sure. The containers are quite large, 50 gallons, so they hold a lot of books, most of all of the books that were previously in 15 or so cardboard boxes stacked on the back patio. I had purchased a hand truck just to move the books, as the last hand truck I purchased for when I installed the new dryer on the porch, broke. There is a weird connection with dryers, here, as the two dryers inside the house were both purchased or fixed in September during Yvette's 3-day walks. I wheeled one of the bins around to YTH full of books.

I managed to heft the bin up into place, but as I wheeled the second bin back, I realized that I was tired. I figure that I will injure myself when I'm tired, as my muscles don't all work the way I expect, so I'm particularly careful. I got the bin into YTH, but paused, as I couldn't figure out a good way to crouch down inside YTH and still get the bin up in a safe way. It was starting to get dark, so I couldn't see that well. I paused, looked down, and saw the yellow lift: The bin was already resting on it. I reached around to the right and found the handle and raised the lift. The bin slid right into place.

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