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2020-11-14 | Dream | Flash Green

I just had this flash, like a dream. Prior to the flash, I had been thinking about dreams and the movie Sheltering Sky and the discussion about dreams, and how, like dreams, the associations between word and serpents and industrial civilization and my anima and strange correlations that I let through into my conscious life, were like the Sheltering Sky: this was something that few were really interested in. This also has explicit correlations to the movie Until The End Of The World, the isolation and danger of introspection, which all wraps well. That was my state of mind prior to the flash. But the flash itself: I was in a hall. There was a greenish light. I was alone. I was dreaming, but I was within another similar space, a dream within a dream. I was confused. My main concern, which I voiced as I receded, was "Where am I?".

I'm running my L1G3R OS right now. It has all of my journal and web generation stuff. It is all local. It can run without a network card. One particular item we have ceded to cloud in most cases that is somewhat difficult is search. The most sophisticated search is generally cloud. If I want to figure out where I am (I'm serious here), with a local journal, I can do a search. I was trying to figure out if I had written about Sheltering Sky in my journal. This particular search engine is smart enough to realize that I might also be interested in the word shelter. There is a clue in that flash as far as purpose. It also fits within my statement of purpose. Any kind of iterative attempt at fixing chinks in the web needs an understanding of initial location. BUT, what I'm describing in my flash, though, is much broader. It is my identity reaching for itself, isolated. From certain Buddhist perspectives, I think that the flash is illusory, and I'm supposed to let go of that longing, that reaching, that trying to connect from within that green fog dream within dream state. Happiness has never been a priority for me, though. I scoff at it. I think I will let the nesting dolls be. I'll embrace the nesting doll dream fog and follow through on my isolated, echoing exploration of weave: mountain climbing and journal, from an extreme geek perspective, weaving worlds that aren't normally woven, more and more lost, but tethered to the mountain, recursive, willing, self consumption.

I just searched for l1g3r os on the cloud we all know and love, external cloud, and BOOM. Not a mystery. Most satisfying of all, though, is that the number one image listed is a picture of a RURP. This is a realized ultimate reality piton, developed by Chouinard (a mountain climber). The thing about outside search, cloud search, is that it runs on AI, on graphs, semantic relations. You can't really fool it. In the meat world (all of you reading this... well, probably some good and bots thrown in too, for "protection" or malware) look at shares like this and assume stuff like I'm selling something or I'm insane or sane but delusional (is that a thing?). But search knows. Sure, some stuff on cloud search is paid up to get top results. But people want knowledge, and search helps find knowledge. Search knows if I'm selling something. (Most social media is kind of dumb... it assumes most externally linked content is a sale of some kind, which might be reasonable and profitable to assume.) Web search knows if your web knowledge is bugged or clean. (My websites are likely the cleanest you will encounter. No bugs, nothing... just pure validated HTML.). Perhaps most I know are suspicious of intent, but cloud search just sees it as knowledge. (This is one thing I didn't completely understand back in 2010. I lost all ranking at one point with a link exchange. I thought that perhaps I would be penalized, and was willing to take that risk, but I was actually destroyed. Considering the time and my financial situation and responsibilities, it was worth it for the short term gain.) I see my stuff come up, too... I love that point of this journey. I am trying to figure out how to compile an additional piece, or solve a problem, and I'll see myself in the search, like breadcrumbs. Of course the breadcrumbs don't do much to triangulate, as it is me, but it is familiar. It still feels like a dream inside a dream, though, with the isolation, but the green light is cloud at that point. My oh my... that is a rich right there... well... better go back in.

Where am I? Certainly I am here, lol. Seriously, the tech is as I imagined. The journal is proper for a climber.

The tags proper show up as links to markdown documents that are either just tags (signified by symlink back) or an article if the target of the symlink has content. It is a great hack for a journal. BTW, the search engine I'm using is Xapian. For those of you out there building cloud tools as your day job, Xapian rocks. It is GPL2, so you need to share the source, but that still kind of works these days, because very few people attempt to own their own compute and applications with the preference to pay our cloud keepers, because, well, we cede knowledge in favor of the ease of most social media. Oh my... the freedom to be a dream within a dream, lost in a green fog as the rest of the world cedes to cloud. Kinda clever right there... kinda clever. I'm seeding the fog with knowledge as all re-cedes to our cloud keeper. I'm imagining a bearded UNIX guy, an archetype at the gate. Well... I need less clever and more content. Back to it.


2020-11-14 :

I ended up watching Sheltering Sky tonight. It was good for me to see. I simplify the word-civilization weave a bit too much sometimes. There is much variation and beauty.

uteotw sheltering_sky

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