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2020-11-19 | Dream | Wrapped Car

This was a two slice time dream. In one slice, Sean had wrecked her car. She didn't have it anymore. It was a white race car with drug company sponsorship writing on it. The letters were blue, and part of the logo had two dots, something like this:

I did a search after I woke up, and immediately found Vioxx, so in dream rules, that is what it was. Sean said her mom used the drug (in real life).

I went back and forth between time slices. In one slice it was in the early nineties. Sean was asleep. She was laying down in the living room with ten or so other people. She was curled up like in the picture with her mom when she arrived exhausted in Phoenix, but she looked more like the picture of her with glasses in the corner with her computer (the one with the dragon head on the wall).

Next to her was her car, all wrapped up in shrink wrap, protecting it. She took the car with her at every place she lived, but she only raced it professionally. She loaned it out once, to a roommate, and he wrecked the car, so she didn't have one anymore by the time of my second slice of time.

I don't remember much about the second slice. It wasn't now, or even since we met again in 2014. I think it was earlier, like the middle 2000s or something like that, then I went back to the early-to-mid 90s and she still had the car.

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