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2020-11-27 | Dream | Real Amber Root

I had recently started a job. I had taken over software maintenance for an application that would retrieve fertilizer for plant roots. The result was real, as in actual fertilizer, not just information about fertilizer. The application let you navigate a page, and it showed the root you wanted to fertilize on the screen in amber color on a black background.

I realized that the program didn't have direct links to the fertilizer. Instead, it had a search routine embeded behind the link when you clicked. I didn't like that approach, because the results were uncertain. I changed the application so that the user had to manually connect the root to the real link rather than all roots being connected to a generic search routine that used the value of the click to find the real root.

I put in my change, and realized I broke the application for most people, as you had to constantly change the link to the real fertilizer in order to get it on demand. I put my work away for the day in a magazine rack with sections that sat along the wall. I found that junk mail was mixed in with the notes of previous people that did my job. I recycled most of it. Some notes seemed useful.

The next day I had to go out in the field to visit somebody that was using the new version of my application. It worked for them right as I arrived, so I was somewhat relieved that putting in the direct link might work.

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