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2021-01-11 | Dream | Frozen Snake

I recieved a brown snake in the mail that was short and folded and had a clear plastic band around the middle, kind of like how shoe laces are packaged. It had a Gila monster head. I decided to kill it to make a decoration of it, and figured I could kill it in the freezer, so I tossed it in. The fridge was like the one we have now, but it opened on the left. The door was too short, though, and there was a few inches open on the left, and I wasn't sure if the snake had escaped. I reached for my Mag cop flashlight so I could look inside the freezer to see if it was still in there, but it took me awhile to find. I knew I had two, but they weren't where they normally were. I figured that Sean had moved them. Finally I found one of them, and instead of the normal metal ring around the lens, it was missing. Instead, there was a cracked piece of plastic for the lens that was missing a wedge and had toothpaste dabbed on it so it interfered a little with the light.


2021-01-11 :

I found this article on Medusa that says the snakes are cycles of birth and death. A Gila monster holds on and doesn't let go, as opposed to a rattlesnake that bites, poisons you with venom, and then lets go.

2021-01-11 :

When I read about the death and birth relation to the snakes, it seemed familiar. I listened to Joni all day yesterday, and listened to this song.

joni sean

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