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2021-01-16 | Dream | Lots of Gloves

I went on a week-end trip with Sunn's church group. Before we left, Sunn had gathered supplies from the Goodwill on the military base nearby. He even got them to give him a free string of Christmas lights. We were returning from the trip, though, and Sunn was lining up cases that had stuff to return to the goodwill and stuff that we needed to put in the van for the ride home. Sunn had bundled up each case neatly with the extension cords and other items that went with the case.

After I loaded up the van, there were 30 or so people sitting against a concrete wall in the courtyard on the base outside of the Goodwill. One of the men had a blueish face and large, droopy circles under his eyes. They didn't bulge out much. It was like his entire eye, from the corners, were one big circle, with a line below his eye forming the perimeter visibly. He was talking to another soldier about how he was going to transfer to Vacaville in California. The men were complaining about Goodwill always taking, but never giving. I shared that Sunn had managed to get free Christmas lights from them.

Sunn knew a friend with a big house that had agreed to let our group stay with them overnight on our return home. The house was packed with the new people from our group as well as some lingering people from other groups and the occupants. I felt out of place and alienated. I didn't know anybody. I was tired. I hadn't slept yet during the trip, nor used a bathroom. I started talking to one person, but they ran off saying they had to pee.

There was a bedroom in the back that I could see down the hall, and it had an open bed. I figured I could get some sleep. There was another man laying down in front of the bed on a small shelf. He and I talked for a little bit, and he said something along the lines of "if I had a dollar for every time I made that mistake, I'd be rich", and I told him I'd give him two c note. I was joking. In my dream I even considered if he would take me serious and I would owe him two hundred dollars, but I figured he knew it was a joke too. I laid down on the bed and noticed there was another person there as well, but there was plenty of room.

The bathroom became available, so I rushed in, worried that I would lose my place to sleep, but needed to pee more. I locked the door behind me. There was a row of strange toilets against the wall. It was hard to make out where the seats were. They were covered with flowers and knick-knacks. There were windows along the top of the toilets where you could look out over the water. A sign proclaimed that the toilets were green composting toilets. Each toilet was different, with different decorations. I couldn't make out the actual seat on any of them.

I flushed one of the toilets as a test and confirmed that it went to the outside in a whoosh. I saw one toilet that had a piece of glass art, like a large shell with fingers arrayed on the edge. After some experimenting with placement, I figured out how it fit down over the bowl so you could sit. It was ribbed, transluscent red glass with streaks of other colors. As I sat down, I heard a knock at the door. The room was peaceful, a sanctuary.


2021-01-16 :

Somewhere during last night, perhaps as part of this sequence, I dreamed that my graduating highschool friends participated in and were watching a TV show where one of the women (Karla) had bagged a rich man. She was all tan, and it was staged as a reality TV show. - Back to Joni Mitchell again off of the Hissing of Summer Lawns and Shades of Scarlett Conquering, a recent listen.

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