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2020-09-08 | Dream | Mandate

I dropped off my car for repair. The head mechanic had a special price for when the shop was idle. I had two vehicles. One was a cream sports car, kind of like Yvette's Bill had, an Alpha Romeo. Another was Betty, or perhaps a pick-up. I was dropping off the sports car. I knew the owner, the head mechanic. He was in a meeting with the rest of the staff when I arrived. He welcomed me to sit down, and asked me if I wanted to know what was going to happen. I said that I knew what was going to happen, that the largest mobile phone manufacturer was going to convince world governments to use their health app to control c~19. People would not be allowed to leave their homes unless they had a the app installed and testing them. The head mechanic said yes, that was true, and he moved to the next slid on his presentation he was showing the staff that had a picture of the different kinds of phones that ran the required app.

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